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The Next Best Thing: 10-Year-Old Already Receiving Football Scholarship?

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Speed, strength, agility and potential. 10 years old. These are listed in the resume of Maxwell “Bunchie” Young, from Crenshaw in Los Angeles, CA, which are already enough for division schools to offer him a full football scholarship ride.


Melissa Lyttle/ESPN

According to his trainer Mike Evans, who operates LacedFacts Training Center in Norwalk, Young already received an offer from the University of Illinois along with another team, which he described as belonging to the Pac 12.

More than his athletic ability, his levelheadedness, maturity and desire to be great is what will bring his game to the next level, said Evans. The ESPN report described Young’s parents as divorced although both are co-parenting the child wonder.


Melissa Lyttle/ESPN

Young now lives with his father so he will be near Crenshaw High School, which is just a few blocks away from his house. After speed training, he goes to attend bible lessons with his 4-year-old sister.

“If your profession is to look for top athletes, for me, I want to see them young,” the training coach told ESPN. “I want to see what they go through and how they overcome. That’s what measures a good athlete and a good person.”

To date, Young is just one of the 150 kids in the LacedFacts Training Center and they were all handpicked for having the greatest potentials to excel as athletes in the future.

During the last season, Young reportedly scored 30 touchdowns while shuffling between the positions of wide receiver, running back and defensive back. He also scored four interceptions. Young is considered one of the fastest boys at his position clocking in at 12.4 in 100 meters.


(Left) D1 Nation | (Right) Melissa Lyttle/ESPN

Schools recruiting 10-year-olds to play football may seem to be a novelty now but Young said this would be the norm pretty soon. “It’s the new wave that’s going to change things,” he said. “It’s people who came from the computer era and the social media age that are going to change things.”

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