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5 Cars That Lose Value So Fast It Will Make Your Head Spin

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We’ve all heard the saying that a new car loses its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. The cars on this list, however, take that to a new level. So if you’re considering a new car, make sure it isn’t one shown here.

Cadillac CTS: A Luxury Loser

Luxury cars are the worst vehicles for resale. They lose their value very quickly and the Cadillac CTS is no exception. After only one year off the lot, it will have lost over $13,000 in value. That is a whopping 31% of its original price. If you think these numbers are shocking, the next one will suck you dry.

Massey Cadillac

Lincoln MKZ: A Value Vampire

The Lincoln MKZ is popular for its great features and sleek body. What some buyers might not know though, is how fast it loses value. After 12 months, it will sell for only 66.2% of the purchase price: losing over $14,000 in just one year. Still, this next car takes the cake for luxury vehicle depreciation.

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Mercedes Benz C250: A Classic Dissapointment

The Mercedes Benz has been around for years. Somehow, people keep buying it not knowing how quickly it loses value. No one wants their car to drop $15,247 in price after just one year. It is sad when you don’t know these facts going into the purchase, but you’d never think this next vehicle would be on this list.

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Kia Cadenza: An Anomaly

This Kia might lose less in the first year compared to previous cars. But, it does cost less brand new. In the end, it will depreciate by over 34% in the first 12 months. The Cadenza really is an anomaly for Kia. This last vehicle brand, however, already has a reputation for being unreliable.

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Fiat 500L: A Nightmare Car

Fiats already have a bad reputation for putting out poor quality vehicles. To make matters worse, the Fiat 500L loses $8,906 in value during the first year. It sounds like less than other vehicles. Yet, it’s actually 34.6% of the car’s originally price. If you’re searching for value, it seems best to stay away from this nightmare car.

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