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Anybody Can Suggest a Baby Name for Vikings Everson Griffen?

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The game was unlike any other, apart from trying to get the victory, Everson Griffen was trying to find the perfect timing to share the good news.


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With the perfect moment, he can tell the world that first, his wife just delivered a baby. And second, crowd source for a name for their son.

The moment came when he sacked Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford for a five-yard loss in the second quarter of the game. He then ran towards the camera, lifted up his jersey to reveal the words written on his white undershirt.

“I just had a baby boy, what should we name him?” the message read.

It was a double victory for Griffen because apart from welcoming his third child, the Vikings also won, 30-23.


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Later, he told reporters that his son was born before the game and weighed seven pounds and two ounces. He was actually watching the whole delivery on FaceTime while he was doing his warmups.

“So wife is healthy, baby is healthy, we don’t know his name yet, but it’s not about that. I’m happy to have a new addition — three boys,” he said. “I don’t know what my wife is going to do. It’ll drive her crazy. But we’re 9-2, and it feels good winning.”

So what prompted him to scrawl the message?

He explained that it wasn’t his plan to do that, but then the idea hit him and thought it was funny.

“I’m going to check [social media], but I called my wife first and foremost to make sure the baby is doing good and everything is good,” Griffen said. “She’s good, the baby’s good, so we’re all excited.”


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It’s still not clear what would have happened, however, if Griffen hadn’t sacked Stafford. Would his son go through his life without a name? Just in case the reader is wondering, the names of his two boys are Greyson and Ellis.

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