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Baker Mayfield, 3 Kansas Players Reprimanded for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

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Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and three other Kansas players won’t serve as captains in their next respective games following the unsportsmanlike conduct on the college football match between the two teams on Saturday.


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The decision to reprimand Joe Dineen, Dorance Armstrong and Daniel Wise was confirmed to reporters by Kansas coach David Beaty on Tuesday.  The three players were caught on video snubbing the handshake attempt by Mayfield before the toin coss.

Talking to ESPN, Dineen said that he regretted his impulsive action that caused embarrassment to the program. “That’s not how this game should be played,” he said. “It won’t happen from me or from this program again.”

Baker won’t also serve as captain when he was caught on national TV grabbing his crotch and cursing at the Kansas bench as well as the fans. On Monday, the quarterback was very emotional when he faced the media after his reprimand was handed down by the team.



He said not being named the captain in his final game in Oklahoma University hurts so much more because it’s going to be his last game in the arena.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby on Tuesday called out Mayfield for his actions out there on the field. He credited the University of Oklahoma for issuing a punishment immediately. He said that while Mayfield is a competitor who goes all out when he plays a game, his behavior on the sideline of a televised game “was inappropriate contrary to our sportsmanship policies.”

Bolwsby also took to task Dineen, Armstrong and Wise for refusing to show respect to an opponent when they snubbed Mayfield’s offer of a handshake. This has been the tradition of the teams participating in the tournament, which shows sportsmanship.


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“This breach of protocol is not in keeping with the standards of the Big 12 Conference,” he added. “I am grateful for the work of the Kansas administration and coaches to resolve this matter.”

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