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Bidding War Expected as Japanese Baseball Star Shohei Ohtani Finally Coming to America

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Japanese baseball star Shohie Ohtani after the new posting fee was agreed by the Major League Baseball, Nippon Professional Baseball and the MLB Players Association.

Japanese baseball star


According to the new terms, if Ohtani will sign with a team from the MLB, his Japanese team will get 20% of the total value of the contract including all bonuses, unexercised options and buyouts. Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote that will amount to as much as $25 million paid to Ohtani’s baseball team.

The present posting fee will still be in effect this season.

According to ESPN, the Japanese baseball star is also eligible to the international bonus pool money allowed for each team. The teams with bonuses to spare are The Twins, Pirates, Marlins and Mariners which can offer between $3.245 million and $1.57 million.

Japanese baseball star


Ohtani is the brightest prospect not just out of Japan but also from foreign nationals around the world because of his ability to throw 100 mph fastball, as well as his ability to hit homeruns. This early, analysts believe that he might make it to the $200 million mark when he does sign the contract.

Presently, the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers have the edge since they can offer the biggest amount, about P3.5 million each. However, the Yankees are most popular American team in Japan, and there’s also the fact that Ohtani’s countryman Hideki Matsui is also playing for the Yankees.

In fact, Matsui told MLB that he would be happy to help the team recruit the prospect.

Japanese baseball star

The Ringer

“If that’s something he wants to do and the team wants it, then why not?” he offered. “If he’s allowed to come here and the Yankees are interested, then I expect to be involved in that process as maybe trying to convince him or recruit him to the Yankees.”

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