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#Currychallenge Trick Shot Taking a Life of Its Own

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Two-time MVP Stephen Curry has reminded fans to be respectful of others when they attempt variations of his #currychallenge trick shot that sometimes become quite dangerous.


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Social media user Samuel Grubbs has taken the #Currychallenge to a new level by flipping ordinary objects on a grocery basket for instance, or a gadget swishing through a moon roof. He also uploaded another clip jumping on top of a car, and performing the eurostep on the roof before doing a jump shot using a Nerf ball.

The driver of the car didn’t appreciate what Grubbs and his friend did, and screamed at the two men, who then scampered away.

Curry told ESPN that fans should respect other people when trying to recreate his trick shot. He told ESPN that there are repercussions when they mess with the stuff of other people. “I do not condone violence. That’s the only thing, I do not condone violence.”


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However, the Warriors superstar said he could see the humor in what Grubbs was trying to do, as he described the skits as “very creative.”

“People are obviously having fun, but please be respectful of other people’s property,” he added.
“I don’t want anything to happen to anyone.”

The trick shot in question happened during the pre-game tip-off in the Warriors matchup with the Heat. As his tradition before every game, he attempts long-distance shots at the tunnel or just about any other part of the court, or outside of it.

On this particular night, Curry did the eurostep and launched the ball very high up in the air before it swished on the ring. Draymond Green back-bumped Curry and even Kevin Durant got in on the act as he was clearly impressed.


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That spawned the #Currychallenge where fans attempt to recreate the shot, down to the Eurostep.

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