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Custody Battle Forces Victoria Azarenka to Sit Out Fed Cup

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When it comes to choosing between career and family, Victoria Azarenka certainly knows her priorities.


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The Belarusian will miss the Fed Cup finals this year while the Belarus team will try to win the trophy on her behalf. In a tweet that she posted on Nov. 8, she said that the whole ordeal is heartbreaking because she could not get a chance to help her home country bring home the trophy.

Unfortunately, my current custody situation is keeping me in California,” she wrote. “Even though I will not be in Minsk for the final, my heart is always with my country and my team and I will cheer for them from afar.”

Azarenka also said that it has been a tough 2017 for her as she continues to battle for custody. However, she’s “looking forward to 2018 and playing before my fans very soon.”


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The custody battle involving Azarenka has dragged on and already affected the two-time Australian Open champ’s career. The Washington Post noted that for this year alone, the 28-year-old already missed four tournaments because he’s fighting for custody for his infant son against the father, Billy McKeague.

Back in August, Azarenka said that she had to choose between playing overseas and leaving behind his only son in California, which she isn’t willing to do. However, the tennis player said she’s doing everything to settle the dispute with the father without dragging the proceedings on.


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Cecelia Townes, a graduate of UCLA’s School of Law and specializes in family law, told ESPN previously that it’s not uncommon for judges to maintain status quo while the custody case is ongoing. That means Azarenka can’t leave the state without the expressed permission of the court. Violating the ruling will also put her custody case at risk as she may even lose her son in the process.

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