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Is Dak Prescott Really Nothing Without Ezekiel Elliott?

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Dak Prescott is still hearing the critics who seemed to gloat because they think they are right about one thing: the quarterback is nothing without suspended running back Ezekiel Elliott.


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Todd Archer of ESPN wrote that the past two games paint a rather bleak scenario for the quarterback now that the defenses, without a problem like Elliott on their hands, shifted to stop him only. As a result, he has been sacked 12 times in the past couple of games.

The Cowboys now lost their last three games against the Falcons, Eagles and Chargers. In both the Philly and Atlanta games, he scored only one touchdown on 22 possessions. He also completed 38-61 for 321 yards, along with three interceptions and two fumbles.

But Prescott dismissed the idea that his success is inextricably linked with Elliott. “I simply didn’t play well in the Philly game,” Prescott told reporters. He also added that he didn’t see any changes in the way the teams are defending him now than Elliott is out.


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Coach Jason Garrett put the onus on the rest of the offense for failing to protect their quarterback.

“The last couple of weeks, as much as anything else, we have been compromised a little in our protection,” he said, adding that Prescott was placed in a compromising situation when the center, tackles, full back, running back and the tight end are not doing their jobs.

During the Thanksgiving game against the Chargers, the Cowboys only managed to score six points while giving up 28 as Prescott’s struggles continue. The quarterback finished with 20-of-27 for 179 yards, no touchdown and two interceptions.


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Without Elliott and the poor play of Desmond Bryant, Prescott just couldn’t find a target to throw the ball to. Bryant only recorded three receptions for 37 yards. Also, the Cowboys’ defense was atrocious was they allowed the Chargers 515 yards with quarterback Philip Rivers responsible for 434 yards.


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