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Draymond Green Says Mark Cuban Will Never Understand How He Feels

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Draymond Green had said his piece. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had his response. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year, however, is not finished yet.


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The Warriors forward was a guest at the Institute of Politics of Harvard Kennedy School and he expounded on his point regarding the use of the term “owners” in sports, which harkens back to the day when African-Americans were traded and treated as slaves.

It must be recalled that Green made a comment on his Instagram on Texans owner Bob McNair equating the NFL protests to inmates trying to run prison. The 6-7 forward wrote that the sports industry should stop using the word “owner” and replace it with “Chairman” instead.

However, Cuban took offense at the remark as he told ESPN that there’s nothing wrong with the term because it refers to “owning equity in a company” rather than “ownership in terms of people.”


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During his talk at Harvard, however, Green is sticking to his guns. First off, he said that he has nothing against Cuban. What he wanted was to bring the issue to the open so everybody can weigh in and discuss, and probably make changes.

“To be honest, I really don’t expect him to understand where I’m coming from because he’ll never feel what I feel when I turn on the TV and see however many people are taken down by the KKK,” Green said.

Green said that Cuban may try to understand, and he may even feel that he does, however the billionaire will never understand it to the degree that only an African-American does.


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He added that he’s not trying to disrespect all the NBA owners. In fact, his comment was about trying to spark change in the league, hopefully toward a more unified stand rather than create more division.

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