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Former QB Drew Bledsoe Pays Tribute to Terry Glenn After Fatal Car Crash

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Drew Bledsoe called Terry Glenn, who died in a car crash at the age of 43, the “best receiver” he had the pleasure of throwing the ball to.

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New England Patriots

The two former NFL players were teammates when they played for the New England Patriots between 1996 and 2001. They then reunited when they played for two years for the Dallas Cowboys beginning 2005.

In an article he wrote for Sports Illustrated, Bledsoe said he played with the greats like Terry Owens, Troy Brown, Keyshawn Johnson and Peerless Price, but nobody could touch Terry Glenn.

“Terry had the explosiveness of a speed receiver but the intelligence and craft of a possession receiver,” the 45-year-old retired quarterback said. “His top end was as high as anyone, but he was a technician like Troy Brown or Wes Welker.”

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SB Nation

One thing that Terry separates himself from the rest of his peers was his uncanny ability to get himself open at the right moment when the quarterback is ready to throw. In fact, Bledsoe said the only things that stopped Glenn were injuries and suspensions.

Bledsoe said that they didn’t click right away when they first played in 1996 until the time when he tried to put himself in Glenn’s shoes, and he understood how hurt the man was because everybody he loved either betrayed him or had died.

He said had Glenn stayed healthy, they would have rewritten the record books and won more Super Bowls between them. “We didn’t talk enough over the past decade but kept in touch. I could tell that Terry was finally in a place where he was happy,” Bledsoe added.

car crash

Sports Illustrated via GettyImages

Glenn died when his vehicle crashed in Irving, TX, the report said. At this point, however, there are no details yet as to the cause of the fatal car crash.

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