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Jerry Jones Says Sorry After Clip of Racist Comment Surfaces

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No stranger to controversy, Jerry Jones again found himself in a middle of one when a 2013 clip surfaced showing the Cowboys owner making a racial remark to a fan inside a hotel in Dallas.



The clip was published on The Blast, which explained that the video was shot inside the Warick Melrose Hotel. Jones can be seen walking in the lobby when approached by a fan to give a message to a couple who’s about to be engaged or married.

“Jennifer, congratulations on the wedding,” he tells the camera, before adding, “Now, you know he’s with a black girl tonight, don’t you?” Sources said that the male fan was white.

The camera panned to the right where an unidentified black man laughed at the comment. Jones can even be seen tapping the man as he again laughed at his joke.


Thearon W. Henderson/Getty mages

On Friday, Jones issued a statement which read, “That comment was inappropriate. It’s not who I am, and I’m sorry.”

His statement came on the heels of another racially charged remark from Texans owner Bob McNair who urged the other NFL executives to put a stop to the players protests because allowing them to do what they want is like “inmates running the prison.”

However, Jones got a champion in hall of famer Deion Sanders, who won a Super Bowl for the Cowboys in 1995.

In an email to ESPN, he said that it was a joke that was inappropriate but shouldn’t be used to cast aspersions on the man. “Jerry does more for his players than anyone in the league,” Sanders wrote. “I don’t think there’s a player, whether African American or Caucasian, that would agree this is a representation of Jerry.”



Sanders added that he’s personally seen how Jones go “beyond the call of duty” to help people “of all ethnicities and backgrounds.”

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