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Hall of Famer John Elway Elaborates on ‘Soft’ Remark

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Hall of famer John Elway explained the context for the soft remark that got the rest of the Denver Broncos—including Chris Harris Jr. and Brandon Marshall—riled up.


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But no, the Broncos president of basketball operations is not taking that remark back.

When he was interviewed over Orange and Blue 760, Elway stood by his comment but he’s not singling out anybody. When he made that remark at the event in Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Friday night, he claimed that he was talking about everybody in the Broncos organization.

“Sometimes success will make you soft and you won’t pay attention to some of the details that you need to pay attention to,” he said. “And I’d put myself first in line there.”

Elway also said that as soon as the word “soft” left his mouth, he realized that somebody will take offense.


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One of those was Harris Jr. who said that everybody in the Broncos front office, coaching staff and the players has to step up and take responsibility for miserable season. Right now, the team only won three of the last 10 games and is dead last in the AFC.

He also took a potshot at Elway when he said, “Ain’t nothing soft in my bones.”

Elway, however, insisted that the team has gotten soft. For instance, the Broncos were undefeated in the preseason and started searing hot after losing on one of the first four games. Then they took their foot off the gas right after bye week.

“If you exhale in this league, you’re in trouble,” he said.


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The general manager said they will have a thorough evaluation at the end of the season where the team stands, and how the season ended up so badly. He said the string of losses is a learning experience, which he hoped would benefit the Broncos in the long run.

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