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NFL Sundays in Peril with CBS and Dish Network’s Contract Dispute

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The Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Charges are always a must-see TV for NFL fans. Just don’t expect to watch the game on your local Dish Network.


SF Gate

A report from USA Today revealed that the Thanksgiving game between the Los Angeles and Dallas football teams might not be shown to DISH subscribers. The cable network and the television network have not reportedly come to terms with the new carriage costs.

In a statement released to media on Wednesday, CBS said that they are not giving up on the negotiations to try to “strike a fair deal.” At this point, however, both parties “remain far apart on terms.”

The said network accused CBS of pressuring them into signing a contract that’s not favorable to subscribers. The cable provider’s executive vice president, Warren Schligchting, said that their customers have made it clear that they want to do away with the CBS tax.



“CBS is attempting to tax Dish customers on programming that’s losing viewers, tax Dish customers on programming available for free over the air,” the statement read. “And tax Dish customers for content available directly from CBS.”

Schlichting said that the fact that CBS only showed its “greed” by into pulling out its content for Dish subscribers on Thanksgiving.

For its part, CBS said that DISH Network has been less than upfront about its intentions. In its Nov. 22 statement, the broadcaster said that the cable provider has been complaining about the increased rates, yet it had no problem paying double the amount that they were seeking to another cable network that has less than half their ratings.

“As it stands, DISH customers won’t be watching CBS in the days and weeks ahead,” the statement added. “DISH is a 23 billion dollar company that clearly cares more about its profits than the consumer.”


Dallas News

Apart from the NFL game between the Chargers and Cowboys on Sunday, the network’s subscribers will also miss their favorites shows like The Late Show, NCIS, 60 Minutes or The Big Bang Theory.

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