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Ray Allen Scoffs at ‘Stalker’ Charge; Claims He’s a Victim of ‘Catfishing’

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Two-time NBA champ Ray Allen has petitioned the court to throw out the charge of stalking filed by complainant Bryant Coleman.



The 42-year-old retired player insisted that he’s the victim in this case when he got hooked on “catfishing,” a term that describes the online practice of creating a fake profile to entrap a victim—usually male—into revealing personal details that can be used later for blackmail.

Lawyer David Oscar Marcus read a statement said Allen became a victim of this online scam.

“Coleman pretended to be a number of attractive women interested in Ray Allen,” Marcus said. “Ray believed he was speaking with these women and communicated with them.”


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When he refused to pony up, Coleman reportedly ramped up the harassment until they came to a compromise agreement for an undisclosed amount. Among the conditions was that the respondent would stop communicating with Allen and his family, and to erase all evidence of their alleged embarrassing conversations.

Coleman, however, violated the terms of their agreement by posting details not just of the basketball player, but also his wife, the dog, the name of his wife’s restaurant and his home addresses. The lawyer said that Coleman will even mock his client by posting the details about Allen’s personal life while inside “Ray’s wife’s restaurant in Orlando.” He also tagged the couple to make sure they know he’s inside the establishment.

A statement from Marcus posted on Twitter said that Allen regretted his correspondence with Coleman, whom he believed to be several women. The 10-time All-Star also said that he’s come forward to serve as a cautionary tale for others to realize the dangers of giving their personal details to a stranger online.



Allen has asked the court to throw away the cyber-stalking charge filed by Coleman. The lawyer also said that his client will pursue a legal action against Coleman.

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