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Royals Manager Ned Yost Savors Second Life

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Kansas City Royals executive Ned Yost is spending most of his time in wheelchairs these days but he still appreciates being given a second chance at life.


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In an interview with reporters during Monday’s conference call, he narrated that he almost lost his life after falling from a tree and shattering his pelvis. He didn’t know just how bad it was until the surgeon told him how lucky he was to still be alive.

In fact, according to the surgeon, patients with similar cases had about 30% mortality rate. When he was brought to the hospital, doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding and they thought that they are going to lose their patient.

“They gave me seven or eight units of blood,” he recounted, adding that the pelvis apparently is full of arteries and blood vessels which were ruptured when he shattered the bone.


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The 62-year-old said that he was inspecting the safety straps on one of the trees in his land in Meriwether County, GA on Nov. 4 when he fell. Apart from shattering his pelvis, he also fractured four ribs.

“I reached around to hook into the tree, and right as soon as I grabbed my strap to reach up to hook into the tree, it was like a hangman’s gallow, the stand just let go — down I went,” he said.

Fortunately, he had his cellphone with him and he managed to call his wife for help. Yost said there was nobody around in the property and he figured he would have been dead by dusk. In about 20 minutes, he was airlifted via a chopper to the nearest hospital.


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When he got to the hospital, doctors immediately drilled a hole through his leg and bone before inserting a rod into it. “It was so painful, I can’t even tell you,” he said.

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