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Steve Kerr Stops Short of Apologizing After Dropping ‘F Bomb’

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Steve Kerr may have escaped some sanctions from the league or the Warriors after cursing at NBA officials during the game against the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday.



But he can’t escape the frowning disapproval from his family.

The Warriors coach was caught on video angrily screaming at one of the officials, “F—k you, mo—rfu–er!

It took the 52-year-old a couple of days before addressing the issue. Talking to reporters on Saturday, he said that he needs to do better when dealing with NBA referees. “My daughter sent me the meme. It was all over the internet. I just hung my head in shame,” he said.

Kerr admitted that he can be “very passionate” and “intense.” But that still doesn’t excuse him doing that to an official or use those kinds of words. “I would never say that to anybody in a normal setting,” the coach explained. “It’s just awful. I say that and thought, ‘Oh God, what’s the matter with me?’ I’ve got to do better.”


Eric Gay/AP

EPSN said that Kerr wasn’t the only one caught using colorful language to express himself during the game between Warriors and the Spurs. Gregg Popovich was also thrown out of the game after he was caught saying “terrible f—ng referee!”

Kerr was quick to jest that he learned cursing from the best because he served as assistant coach of the Spurs and also played under Popovich after the championship run with the Chicago Bulls. The sharp-shooting guard played for Pop from 1998 to 2003 and won two more titles during that period.



But he acknowledged that temper and the heat of the moment will make them do things they will regret later on. “What I said the other night was inexcusable. I can’t use that kind of language,” Kerr said.

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