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Texans Players Kneel in ‘Unity’ After Owner’s ‘Inmates’ Remark

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The protest action during the national anthem has not abated much to the embarrassment of the NFL. On Sunday, however, Houston Texans players locking arms and kneeling on the ground took a whole new meaning in light of owner’s Bob McNair’s “inmates” comment.

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Texans tackle Duane Brown said the team has been running on a lot of emotions. However, their collective action just before the game against the Seattle Seahawks showed that they are still united.

“I think we all felt, just coming out and playing for each other. And that was it. Forgetting everything else,” he said.

Brown said that they still have a job to do and all the distractions went out of the window once kickoff began. Nonetheless, the Texas still lost to the Seahawks on a score of 41-38. McNair’s team is now 3-4 for the season.

The left tackle said that nobody from the players were forced to kneel down on Sunday in protest of the comment. Whether some people were uncomfortable with the stunt, he said all the players were there to support each other.

texans players

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Last week, McNair had a classic foot-in-mouth moment when he remarked that allowing NFL players to continue to kneel or sit down during the playing of the national anthem is like “inmates running the prison.”

In his apology, McNair said that he never meant to offend anybody by his inmate comment, which he said did not reference to Texans players. “I used a figure of speech that was never intended to be taken literally. I would never characterize our players or our league that way.”

texans players

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The Texans owner also reportedly tried to reach out to his players to discuss the comment but Brown reportedly told Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle that the meeting “didn’t go too well.” Brown did not elaborate, however.

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