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Thief Who Stole Signed Michael Jordan Jersey From Sick Girl Arrested

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One of the thieves who looted a burning house and got away with a signed Michael Jordan jersey early this month was arrested by authorities.

Michael Jordan jersey

Sports Illustrated

However, the jersey was not recovered from the arrested thief. According to Star Tribune, police believed that it was already sold immediately after it was stolen. Nevertheless, authorities are still investigating to try to get back the memorabilia.

There’s no estimated price given by the police, but a similar jersey is being sold at eBay for about $2,400.

The most expensive signed Michael Jordan jersey was sold at an auction for $173,240 almost two years ago to the day. It was the jersey he won in his final game as a Chicago Bull when he made the game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz to win his sixth championship.

Michael Jordan jersey

Dunn Co. Sheriff’s Office

According to the report, the thieves were looting at the house of Kelsey Schiel’s grandfather in Rock Creek, Wisconsin on Oct. 11. Schiel received the memorabilia when she met the hall of famer inside the restaurant he owned in Chicago 1995 through the program Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The two thieves even met one of the family members inside the house. When they were asked what they were doing, they answered, “The same thing you are. We’re looting.”

When they realized that it was the owners, they immediately scampered away.

Schiel, who is now 28 years old, said the whole thing was “devastating.”  “I really hope that whoever has it realizes its importance and turns it in. We won’t ask questions; it’s just really special to me,” she said.

Michael Jordan jersey

Michael Jordan

According to Schiel’s mother, Suzanne Valleau-Schiel, meeting Michael Jordan that time was therapeutic for her daughter who was going through a rough time because of her illness. She described those moments as a “really dark time” and that’s why the jersey holds a special meaning to the family.

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